Whitman Syllabus, Fall 2012

This syllabus is based on Dr. Gardner Campbell's master syllabus for the Awakening the Digital Imagination New Media Faculty Staff Development network.

Week of September 10: Editors' Preface; Janet Murray, "Introduction"
Web 2.0 / networked seminar orientation

Week of September 17:Vannevar Bush, "As We May Think"

Week of September 24: Norbert Wiener, "Men, Machines, and the World About"; J. C. R. Licklider, "Man-Computer Symbiosis"

Week of October 1: Doug Engelbart "Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework"

Week of October 15: Ted Nelson, "Computer Lib / Dream Machines"

Week of October 22: Alan Kay/Adele Goldberg, "Personal Dynamic Media"

Week of November 5: Marshall McLuhan, excerpts from Gutenberg Galaxy, also "The Medium is the Message" (from Understanding Media)

Week of November 12: Bill Viola, "Will There Be Condominiums in Data Space?"

Week of November 26:  Sherry Turkle, "Video Games and Computer Holding Power"

Week of December 3:  Chapter 7, "Learning Webs," from Ivan Illich'sDeschooling Society(online at http://deschoolingsociety.digress.it/learning-webs/).

Week of December 10: Scott McCloud, "Time Frames" (for further reading, Tim Berners-Lee, "The World Wide Web")

Week of December 17: Seminar commencement party/wrap up

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