Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Introduction to Awakening the Digital Imagination

This seminar is a multi-institution course created and orchestrated by Dr. Gardner Campbell, Associate Professor of English and Director of Professional Development and Innovative Initiatives at the Division of Learning Technologies at Virginia Tech.  The course provides the ground for study and reflection on history, context, and philosophy of the evolution of new media and technology.  Part of the premiss behind the seminar is that in the act of educating students in the context of an increasingly changing technological world, understanding new media is critical.  In the seminar, conversation fueled by readings, writing, and weekly meetings seeks to introduce and/or broaden how we understand and use new technology in education and why. 

Here at Whitman, our group will meet once a week to talk about a reading, and we'll also blog about our thoughts.  Our meetings and our blogs will be relatively informal, and we're hoping the work load will not be too onerous-- this should be both compelling AND fun.

Please note, we use the word 'course' here to describe this seminar only in a broad sense. While some institutions do offer credit and grades for this course, others run it as more of a book club, and that is what we intend to do here at Whitman.
For more information on how Gardner Campbell created the seminar was created and why, please see:

For more information about the Whitman Awakening the Digital Imagination group, please contact Jen Mouat (mouatjh) or David Sprunger (sprungde).